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College Park Main Street Update

Welcome to the latest College Park Main Street Update, where we delve into the exciting plans for the redesign of Edgewater Drive. As the community embarks on the journey to transform this iconic street, our blog aims to provide a comprehensive overview of the proposed changes and the impact they might have on the area. Join us as we explore the vision for a more vibrant, pedestrian-friendly Edgewater.

Edgewater Drive in College Park Aerial View
Edgewater Drive, College Park, Orlando - Main Street

Redesign of Edgewater Drive

The redesign of Edgewater Drive, also referred to as the Edgewater Drive Complete Street Project, is currently in the planning phase, aiming to enhance the overall experience. The proposed changes include raised crosswalks spanning Edgewater Drive, elevated medians adorned with landscaping and planned trees to reduce traffic flow, and the replacement of bike lanes with wider sidewalks on both sides of the street. Additionally, there are plans for strategically placed bump-outs, providing shade with trees along the street, and the introduction of a roundabout at Lakeview Street on Edgewater Drive. The primary objectives are to create a more walkable environment, improve safety, and allocate additional space for pedestrians. The redesign also aims to offer more opportunities for outdoor dining, regulate traffic speed, introduce more shade, and attract a higher number of visitors.

Edgewater Drive Redesign Rendering
Rendering of the Proposed Redesign of Edgewater Drive

College Park Community Association (CCA) Meetings

Having attended the CCA  meetings, various concerns were voiced. Individuals who rely on or enjoy cycling for their commute expressed worries about the absence of a designated bike lane, raising safety concerns. The project also involves the loss of some parking spaces, causing apprehension among business owners who fear a potential decline in customers due to limited parking availability. Despite these concerns, a positive sentiment prevailed among many attendees, believing that the increased walkability of Edgewater would attract more people. The consensus was that individuals would be willing to walk a bit farther to their destination if the overall walking experience was more pleasant, aligning with the goals of the Main Street program.

Future Look of College Park

In closing, the Edgewater Drive makeover holds the promise of a revitalized and inviting Main Street. Future meetings of the College Park Community Association (CCA) and Mainstreet project will delve into discussions about the perplexing Par Street and Edgewater Drive intersection, addressing concerns raised by some drivers. As we navigate the concerns and aspirations voiced during community meetings, it's clear that the goal is to strike a balance between progress and preserving the unique character of College Park. Anticipating groundbreaking in late 2024, the College Park Main Street project aims to transform the area significantly. We look forward to witnessing the transformation unfold and the community's continued involvement in shaping a Main Street that reflects the collective vision for a safer, more walkable, and welcoming environment. The video linked below has a section that for Edgewater Drive and shows the current limitations. Stay tuned for more updates on this exciting journey!

College Park Real Estate

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